Cybersecurity Insights Platform

Stern Security’s Velocity platform uses the most accurate internal and third-party assessment data to produce insights about an organization’s security posture, estimate cyber maturity progress, and recommend products based on a customer’s unique environment. Velocity utilizes known security frameworks and regulations including NIST, CIS, HIPAA, FFIEC CAT, PCI, CMMC, MITRE ATT&CK, NYDFS, 405(d), and CISA’s Zero Trust. Velocity also automates your SOC 2 report analysis and estimates breach costs!

About Velocity

Velocity was developed by Stern Security to quickly and accurately evaluate risk and provide actionable insights to improve security posture.


Companies have a need to efficiently perform accurate risk assessments without delaying any projects or strategic initiatives. Velocity accelerates the risk assessment process with unmatched accuracy. Velocity takes this a step further by providing actionable insights to reduce any discovered risk.


Velocity makes your team more efficient by handling the lengthy manual third-party risk assessment work and quickly calculating risk. Velocity is the only product that performs an automated rapid analysis of vendor’s SOC reports. For vendors without SOC reports, Velocity performs passive threat intelligence and delivers evidence-based security assessments. Instead of evaluating one vendor at a time, you can now evaluate many. Velocity even verifies all vendor data for accuracy and estimates breach costs!


Organizations need a method to perform internal risk assessments and plan the actions to reduce risk. Velocity not only performs internal risk assessments, but also shows companies the estimated resources and products needed to increase security posture. Velocity uses a customer’s unique data to help companies select products and visualize cyber improvements.

News & Awards

Velocity is a product by Stern Security. Stern Security was a finalist for the 2023, 2022, and 2019 NC TECH Cyber Security Award for the Velocity product.

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