Velocity: Internal & Third-Party Risk Management

Measuring internal and third-party risk is a very manual process for most organizations today. Companies measure compliance with security frameworks and regulations using spreadsheets that need to be manually updated each year. Evaluating third-party risk is even more time consuming as companies email spreadsheet questionnaires to their vendors, creating multiple meetings, before finally determining a risk for the vendor and writing a final report.

Velocity was created by Stern Security to make this process efficient and reduce risk by adding automation, threat intelligence, verifying evidence, and more. Velocity is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that measures internal and third-party risk. Velocity utilizes known frameworks and regulations including, but not limited to, NIST, CIS, PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, MITRE ATT&CK, CMMC, ACET, and Velocity’s own breach risk framework based on data breach research.

Velocity makes your team more efficient by handling the lengthy manual work and automatically calculating risk. Using the Velocity web application, a company can send a Velocity vendor questionnaire and quickly receive a risk rating for the third-party. Instead of evaluating one vendor at a time, you can now evaluate hundreds. Velocity also estimates breach costs for each vendor. Best of all, our team verifies the vendor data in the system!

Velocity is a product by Stern Security and is 100% developed and hosted within the USA. Stern Security was a finalist for the 2019 NC TECH Cyber Security Award for the Velocity product.

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