Where can I review detailed results?

Vendors will have immediate access to their Velocity Score, however only customers can see detailed dashboards about their security posture.

Who has access to my results?

Only customers that you approve will have access to your results. The Velocity team will have access to your results when you submit the results for verification.

How do I share my results with our customers?

Velocity offers an easy way to allow customers to view the completed assessment. Once a customer requests your assessment results you will receive a notification through email. Log into the Velocity portal, go to the Customer page, and approve the customer by selecting the plus box to move the requesting customer to the approved section.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is where your documentation is stored.

Velocity is a product by Stern Security and is 100% developed and hosted within the USA. Stern Security was a finalist for the 2019 NC TECH Cyber Security Award for the Velocity product.

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