Where can I review detailed results?

Vendors will have immediate access to their Velocity Score, however only customers can see detailed dashboards about their security posture.

Who has access to my results?

Only customers that you approve will have access to your results. The Velocity team will have access to your results when you submit the results for verification.

How do I share my results with our customers?

Velocity offers an easy way to allow customers to view the completed assessment. Once a customer requests your assessment results you will receive a notification through email. Log into the Velocity portal, go to the Customers page, and approve the customer by selecting the plus box to move the requesting customer to the approved section.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is where your documentation is stored.

How do I submit my assessment for review?

First, you must complete the questionnaire.  You will need to answer all questions, add notes, and supporting documentation where requested. Here is a questionnaire that cannot be submitted because it is missing 15 answers and 1 document: Once you complete the assessment, click on “Submit for Review” on the questionnaire page.

How do I find the questions that I still need to answer?

You will need to complete the questionnaire if the overview page says that you have missing answers, notes or documents.  To quickly find the missing items: 1 – Go to Questionnaire: Go back into the questionnaire by selecting “Continue” 2 – Use Filter: Use the filter to select the missing items. Now you can complete the missing items.

How do I add a Product?

Vendors can add any number of products in Velocity to be assessed.  Each product will have their own assessment. 1 – Click Name:  In the upper right corner, click on your name. 2 – Manage Products:  Click on “Manage Products”