Who should complete the Security Assessment?

Someone closely familiar with company’s security and compliance measures.

How long will the Security Assessment take?

Velocity is customizable to address your company’s specific needs. While times vary, Vendors should allocate an hour for their assessment and customers should allocate about an hour per selected framework.

What documentation formats are accepted?

All uploaded documents need to be in PDF format.

What type of documentation is needed?

Some questions will need documentation for verification of the control. These questions will have a paperclip to denote an attachment. Hover your mouse over the paperclip for details on the type of documentation needed.

Can I update my Security Assessment at a later date?

You can make changes and update your Security Assessment at a later date. Note – if your assessment has already been verified, any changes will require additional verification.

How do I add team members to help with the Security Assessment?

To give your team members access to your Velocity account simply enter their email address in the Team section and send them an invitation.

How can I check my assessment progress?

There is a progress tracker at the top of the questionnaire. 

How do I verify my assessment?

In order for the Velocity team to review your assessment for accuracy, you must perform each of the following: A. Answer each question, B. Add required notes, and C. Add required documentation where requested in order to submit your assessment to us for review. The Submit for Review button is greyed out until all requirements are met. Use the Question Filter to easily filter through the questions that have missing information.

I received my Velocity score and submitted the Security Assessment for review. Now what?

A Velocity team member will review your assessment. You will receive an email after your assessment has been reviewed.

Velocity is a product by Stern Security and is 100% developed and hosted within the USA. Stern Security was a finalist for the 2019 NC TECH Cyber Security Award for the Velocity product.

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